Part 6

By Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke

This is a true Love story between 2 Australian teens. All the characters are real but names have been changed as with the locations. The only 2 names that remain the same are the 2 principles. Taylor (My Life bonded partner) and myself. Lukas. This is a story about True teen love. There is no sex at all depicted in this story, so if your looking for some self gratification. I would advise you to go elsewhere. So, N=E=Way.


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Cold. So very cold. I was lying in bed, that I knew. I opened one eye and looked around. Was that Piggly Wiggly up on the wall? Mother Goose? A ‘Roo? Oh god’s no. I was back in the children’s ward at Saint Ann’s.

Why was I there? The last thing I remembered was talking to Tay up at our campsite, then I got some pain and that was it. I heard voices, voices I recognized a little, but wasn’t quite sure.

I got up as best I could and looked around the room a little closer. There was a bed besides mine and when I could finally adjust my eyes, lo and behold, there was Tay in bed. His mum was sitting in a chair beside his bed and Tay had his eyes closed and was snoring softly. What the heck happened? Why was I back at St. Ann’s? And WHY was I so cold down THERE! That had me wondering.

As I tried to sit up more I came to a screeching halt. It seems that I was tied down by my arms and waist by padded leather straps. WTF! I tried to say something but my mouth was filled with cotton…well it certainly felt like it was.

When my eyes were able to focus better and my mind cleared, I looked around the room a bit better and noticed my Mum n’ Dad speaking with …oh God’s, it was Dr. Hill, my almost physician from my last little adventure at St. Ann’s. But what…?

Finally, someone noticed that I was awake and struggling. All three rushed over. The doctor examined me with that cold stethoscope and my Mum n’ Dad stood over me on the other side cooing softly, as if that was going to calm me down.

“Welcome back Lukas. You were out for quite awhile and we were getting a little concerned about that.” Dr. Hill stated “How are you feeling?” He asked.

How am I feeling? What a dumb clacker. I tried to speak, trying to tell him what a dill he was, but I had heaps of questions and I was still unable to enunciate even one syllable. Dr. Hill saw I was still struggling and he knew I needed questions answered right then, and he knew which questions needed answering.

“Well, son, you gave us quite a fright with your surprise visit, and you really put quite a strain on your mate over there.”

I glanced over to Tay and saw that dumb look on his face. The one he always gets when he is sleeping soundly. He was even making those cute little snoring noises. His Mum did not look too upset so I guess everything was okay with him...but what about me? Why was I there in the hospital with a cold dick? Why was Tay asleep in another bed? Why?

Doctor Hill was still speaking, and as usual, I was not paying any attention to him. Tay says I am always like that. A dreamer, he calls me. Anyway, I shook my head to clear it up and tried to focus again on what the good doctor was saying.

“…and that bouncing around up on that great huge pony of yours did not help the situation out any either.”

What did Fred and Ginger have to do with my being here? They hadn’t kicked me again, had they? I would have remembered that for sure. Fred did that once when I was picking his hind foot clean. He sent me ass over teacups across the paddock in a blink of an eye. He did it ever so gently, so my Mum says, or else I would have ended up in the next county.

“Lukas! Are you even paying attention a little?” Doc Hill asked while giving me a cross look. He then shrugged his shoulders as I guess I had given him a quizzical look. He sighed heavily and tried again.

“Okay. Let me try and tell it too you straight. Maybe that will keep your attention on me, instead of kilometers away.”

“We had to do a slight procedure on you, lad.” He continued. “You had to have one of your testicles removed because it was strangulated and it was basically dead. That was what was causing you so much pain.”

Huh? What did he say? They had to remove WHAT! I looked down towards the area between my legs and was really getting into a panic now. THEY HAD TO REMOVE MY BALLS? What the heck is he talking about?

“I thought that might get your attention young man. Now listen very carefully. You had what is known in medical circles as a strangulated testicle. In other words, one of your testes was cut off from the blood supply and just withered away and died, so to speak. We couldn’t just leave it there, so we had to remove it.”

He paused for a moment to let that sink in. “I can see you’re a bit surprised and a little worried too. Okay then, let me give you some additional facts to alleviate your curiosity. NO! We did not remove both of them, only one was removed so you will perform normally. Well, as normally as a boy your age with one testicle can.”

OUCH! That hurt when he said that. I again looked downwards and wondered exactly what I looked like now? How would the other boys treat me at school once they saw me in the showers? How would Tay treat me? What would he think about me now that I wasn’t a whole person…especially down there? I was more scared about that then what had actually happened to me. It was just all too much for me to think about now. My eyes were going heavy again and I guess I just dozed off.

I guess I woke up some time later, because it was getting dark outside the window and when I looked over toward Tay’s bed, it was empty. I heard some noise from the loo and was greeted by the sound of running water and a huge flush and gurgle. Good old Tay.

“Hey mate! Back amongst the living I see.” The door to the loo was opening and Tay exited the little room with his usual finesse. He quickly came over to my bed and sat on the side and grasped my hand. That’s when I noticed I was no longer strapped down.

“YOU, LUKAS had me sooo worried back there. I near tossed my lunch over that. And very nearly got run over by that lorry getting you here.”

“Lorry! What lorry Tay? Last thing I remember is sitting by you at our camp. Wait! Where’s Fred? Where’s Ginger? Where the heck is Kimmi?”

“Don’t worry a mite Thump. All three are doing quite well now. They are back home where they belong. There was a bit of a flap over them though, when we first got here. They followed us right down to the emergency room doors and were trying to force their way in. Kimmi had no problem with that. But well…Fred n’Ginger took a little persuading to stay outside. Actually, Thump, a whole heap of persuading. Five of our city’s finest and a few choice words kept them at bay.”

“But Tay, how did we get here? I mean you n’ me. Here at Saint Ann’s?”

“Well, that was a mystery to me too Thump, until a little while ago. Seems that the lorry, the one you don’t remember, had a chance to swerve away in time and came to an abrupt halt against Fred’s legs. And NO! Fred is okay. But the lorry’s front bumper…”

“Tay! Cut the crap mate and get to here, already.” I was getting annoyed at Tay. He’s the type that can make a one word answer on a school exam into a two page essay, and then some. SHEESH!

“Okay already. Keep your boxers inside already. I’ll get to that.” Tay sighed and gave that deflated look.

“To make a long story short...” Tay started to say.

“PULEEZZZZZZ!” I just about screamed through clenched teeth.


“I passed out but the driver told me later when I woke up here at the clinic, that after he stopped shaking, he loaded you n’ me in the back of the van and Kimmi jumped in too. But he had to drive slowly so Fred and Ginger could follow.”

Finally! “Thanks Tay. So everyone’s all right? Nothing broke on you? God’s. I am so tired, but I am glad everyone’s okay.” I heaved a sigh of relief and closed my eyes.

A week later, I was up in my room staring at the rafters. Boy. It gets quiet at night up in my room. I hadn’t done very much but stare at the rafters since I had gotten home from the hospital. I just didn’t feel right, feel together. I just didn’t feel whole.

I sat through so many sessions with that head shrink guy, Doctor what’s his name. Oh yeah, I could still do the nasty, just might take a little longer though. What kind of thing is that to say? I mean, it truly didn’t matter as of right then. I was a bit too young to be tying the knot and raising littl’uns. Sheesh. I was more concerned about Tay and what he would say.

I hadn’t spoken to him since that day in the hospital. It’s not that he hadn’t tried several times to get me alone so we could chat. I know it was wrong of me to push him off like that, but I truly didn’t know what to say to him. I was so worried he wasn’t going to like what he’d see.

I think I had stood in front of the damn mirror in the lo for hours on end, my eyes never leaving half way up my body. I kept starring at that empty space between my legs, not that I was fascinated with it, just worried about how it looked.

How it looked was lopsided actually. If I stood sideways you would never know that one ball was missing, but as soon as I turned to face forwards or the other way, BAM!...as that funny cook on the telly is so fond of saying. It was all hanging out there in the open for everyone to see. Or not.

I didn’t even know if it still worked. Funny. You would think by then I would have tried, but I was just so scared it might not. I mean, it didn’t even grow hard anymore. I tried thinking of really neat things like I used to, but nothing. Nada! It just lay there in the small soft blonde patch of hair. Even that scared me. The hair was really starting to come into show. I was the first one in my class at school to sport a little fuzz down there. I was so proud of that. Like the Rite of Manhood or something, but stare as I might, it didn’t look like it was growing anymore. It looked like it might even be shrinking some. Oh, the God’s. How could I ever show my face in sports again?

I had done some research on the internet. One good thing came out of all of this. I might have lost a nut, but I gained Internet access. My Mum n’ Dad hooked me up when I got home from the hospital. I guess they were feeling bad and thought of this as a “Get well” present. Whatever. Since everyone was either off to work or at school, I got a clear run of the house with no one looking over my shoulder. I found a great amount of story sites. Mostly gay men site but one or two that had young boys too. I thought I had to show them to Tay, when we were speaking again that is.

Yeah, Taylor. What was I going to do about him? The more I thought about it, the more upset and scared I got.

The next morning, I was relieved when the rest of the crew finally left for the day. I never realized just how much noise eight people can make when they are all together. Sheesh. Now everyone was off and I was left to myself for another day. Couldn’t go riding, nor do any sports activities. The doctor said something about straining what I had left. Here we go, I was being treated as a baby again.

I was still sitting at the kitchen table looking at the fruit bowl Mum had in the center, when Kimmie started barking and running to and fro. Before I could even start getting up from the table, the back door slammed open and in saunters Tay.

“Enough mate! You have been a simple idiot these past few days and I want to know why!” Tay says as he pulled a chair up and sat across from me.

I slumped my head onto the table, closing my eyes to avoid looking at him.

“Tay. This is not the time and place. I have heaps of things to workout right now and you’re one of them. I don’t need you screwing with my brains right now.”

“Fine! Then this is the perfect time.” He got up from the chair and crossed over to me.

Tay grabbed my left arm and practically dragged me out of my chair and up the stairs to my room. I finally stopped resisting on the second landing and just let him lead me upstairs. I had come to know Tay quite well, and when he gets a bee in his nappies he’s a total bear and cannot be reasoned with.

When we finally reached my room, he kneed open my door and threw me towards my bed and slammed the door shut with both of us inside.

I was lying on my bed with what I am sure was a look of surprise on my face. I had never ever seen Tay so pigheaded and forceful in all the time I had known him. There he was, standing at the door with feet spread apart, hands on his hips and a scowl on his face that would scare even the meanest gator in these parts.

“Okay Thump. We are alone and in private. Ain’t no one gonna bother us at all. What has got you so wired tighter than a joey’s hind quarters that you have completely stopped talking to me? What the f*** is rolling around in that little blonde head of yours that has you this way? What did they do to you in that hospital, Lukas that has you so turned around that you’ve crawled into this shell of yours and hidden from everyone who loves you?”

I was just starring at Tay, wide eyed and mouth open. Did I just hear him say the “F” word? God’s. I had never heard anything near a curse leave his lips…not even the time Fred stepped on his foot and broke 3 toes. He really must have been mad at me.

“Tay” I squeak out.

“Tay. Something happened to me that day that somehow has changed my life. Changed me forever. I am no longer who I was then, I am someone different now, just half the person I was then.”

“Oh f***!”

WOW! Twice in one day. I knew I was really in deep Roo Poo.

“Lukas, my mate. Are you referring to the fact that you lost a nut? That you have only one of those little buggers down there between your legs?”

I am not quite sure, but I think my eyeballs popped out of their sockets at that statement. At least they felt that way. How did he know? Who would have told him? I thought if it was any of my sibs they are dead meat.

“Lukas, when the doctor was telling you all that, I was lying in the next bed over pretending to be asleep. I heard everything.”

My eyes went to me naked feet. At that very moment my toes looked more interesting than Tay’s face did. I was so scared. I didn’t know what was coming next.

“You think that really matters to me, Lukas? You think I love you only for your package down there? What a sod you are. I love you for who you are, not what you have or have not.”

As he was saying all this, my eyes drifted back upwards and noticed that Tay was starting to shed his clothes. I was thinking: “Wait. Doesn’t he have classes today? What is he doing here anyway?”

“Tay, what exactly are you doing? Shouldn’t you be at classes? Why are you taking off your clothes?”

Tay didn’t say anything, but continued to take his clothes off, leaving just his purple boxers on. “Purple!” Oh, I love the colour purple, and on Tay they looked awesome.

When he finished, he came over to the bed and lay down beside me and started taking my shirt and shorts off. In a matter of seconds we were both just in our underwear and facing each other.

“So I bet you’re wondering if that little thingie down there still works properly. Right?”

I nod my head slightly as I look deeply into those eyes of his. God’s. I get so lost in them every time we do this.

“Well, Lukas. From the little tent that is being set up down there, I would think that everything is in working order.”

I glanced down and sure enough, there was quite a bit of movement in my nether regions. I looked back into Tay’s eyes. I could see the start of a smile, and I can feel some movement below, and then his hand comes around my little member down there and I get a chill in my body.

We were just about nose to nose, lost in the moment, seeking new areas never before explored. Tay’s mouth covered mine just as I was about to speak, but now my tongue was busy with other things. I closed my eyes and just took in all the startling sensations that were coursing through my body at this moment.

I wanted to speak. I wanted to tell Tay to stop, but I didn’t think I could. I thought: “no, I know I don’t want this to stop.” Before I drifted off totally, I realized that Tay and I had brought our relationship another step closer. We had become... “Lifebonded”