Part 2

By Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke

This is a true Love story between 2 Australian teens. All the characters are real but names have been changed as with the locations. The only 2 names that remain the same are the 2 principles. Taylor (My Life bonded partner) and myself. Lukas. This is a story about True teen love. There is no sex at all depicted in this story, so if your looking for some self gratification. I would advise you to go elsewhere. So, N=E=Way.


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Since Tay has a big part in this story. I am allowing him to continue on while I am lying in the hospital bed unable to do so.


I was just walking in to our meeting room when I spied Thumper waving to me. He really hates that nickname I gave him, and I know he is going to get back at me for that sooner or later, but Lukas is such a wimpy name. Of course Thumper is not much better, but when he gets excited like he was right then, without knowing it, his left leg and foot plays a tattoo on the floor. He is not the nervous type, just has way too much adrenalin pumping through his veins. Had to be all that chocolate and cola he was always consuming.

Almost everyone was there, even thou the weather outside was not decent for wombats or joeys. I took my poncho off and hung it in its proper place. Ralph had not shown up, but he has the furthest to travel. Again I glanced over towards Lukas. I thought it must be the lighting. We have to make a project of changing all these fixtures in our meeting room. It’s always so gloomy in there. But that wasn’t it. Lukas looked really pale and not himself. I quickened my pace towards him but before I could take another step, Lukas' eyes rolled up into his head and he collapsed.

NO! My world came to an abrupt halt right before my eyes. I could not move a muscle, it was like I was stuck in concrete or thick mud. In total horror I watched as my best mate, my reason for living, fell silently to the floor and lay in a crumpled heap. I was a meter away and I was helpless, I fell to my knees and tears dripped from my eyes. It was like I was paralyzed as I watched others leap into action, ringing the clinic and making my Lukas comfortable. I was just a worthless piece of human flesh. The boy that I loved, the boy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, was lying on the cold floor as I knelt helplessly just an arms length away.

We had grown so close over the last few months. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him. Mum thought it would be a neat idea to get me involved in a boy’s activity here in our new home. Da was offered a better position with his firm a few months ago but we had to relocate. Not very far, he told my sister and me. I was thinking the North Island but it turned out to be a little further than that. West we went, right away from New Zealand and onto a new continent. I was no longer going to be a Kiwi, but an Aussie. Cor!

Mum brought me to the church where the scout meeting was being held. She had read in the church bulletin that they were seeking new members, so whether I liked it or not, I was dragged over there. We entered the church basement and into a large open area where a number of boys of all ages were running around and generally making heaps of noise.

Mum took my hand (Aw Mum!) and we walked over to an adult who seemed to be in charge, she introduced herself and then me.

"Mr. Brooks, this is my young son Taylor. We recently moved from New Zealand to Australia for my husband’s employment." My Mum related.

"Yes," Mr. Brooks replied, "I can tell by your accent that you’re not from around here. Welcome Taylor. Do you like the out of doors?" I nodded my head in agreement. "Well, then you’re going to just love our program. We spend more time outside then we do in any building. Tonight is different because of our recruitment drive."

Mr. Brooks rubbed his chin and looked around the hall as if deciding the fate of the entire world, and not just one 11 year old boy. "Ah! Just the thing. LUKAS!!!" He bellowed, and I turned towards the direction that he was shouting. Suddenly I was dumb-struck! My mouth dropped open and I just forgot to breathe. I didn’t breathe for so long, my lungs hurt and I grew dizzy.

This beautiful blond headed boy with deep blue eyes was running towards me and grinning like he had just won the championship. I was totally speechless. He came to a screeching halt in front of Mr. Brooks and leaned into him as Mr. Brooks spoke a few words into his ear. If this boy’s grin could have gotten any bigger, it would have. He turned to me and extended his hand.

“G'Day Mate. Welcome to the troop, and welcome to our patrol. My name’s Lukas. I’m here to help you find your way around. You’ll be teamed up with me."

I had never before felt any attraction to boys, or girls for that matter. I was only 11. Cor! But when I took Lukas' hand to shake, something strange and wonderful came over me and traveled up my arm and went right to my head. A tingly sensation. Something was very special about this Lukas, and it made me feel so strange inside. I felt like I was a million kilometers from earth.

I don't know how long we stood like that. Hand in hand and staring into each others eyes, but eventually I came back to earth and realized that we had been standing there shaking hands for...how long? A minute? An hour? Truth be known, at that exact moment I had no idea what was going on, only that something very special was happening between the two of us and that it was just so good! As we held each other’s hand in a firm grasp, the thought of anything other than complete friendship never entered my mind. What I did know at that moment, was that my association with this wonderful blond boy was definitely for life.

Now my Lukas was taken from me, ripped from my being, torn from my soul as if I no longer mattered. He just collapsed right there in front of me as if he were a raggedy doll and no one was holding him up. After all was done and they left with my Lukas, I still knelt there on the cold floor, still unable to move a muscle because I still could not believe my eyes.

I heard voices trying to soothe me, make me feel better, ease the pain that was welling up in my heart. I was going to loose my Lukas, I just knew it. I knew I had to be with him. I had to make him know just somehow that I was there for him. I would not leave his side no matter what happened. He needed me as much as I needed him.

I got to my feet after a moment and with help from some mates I was taken to a bench along the wall to rest a little more comfortably. But NO! How could I be comfortable while my Lukas was suffering. I knew it. I saw the pain in his face as he fell to the floor. I felt it in the very core of my being as he lay there very very still. He was suffering and all alone, I just had to be there for him.

I felt another familiar hand upon my shoulder and a voice I knew from my birth. It was Mum and as I looked up I could see the concern in her face as she tried to speak to me, but like the others, all I heard was a scrambled bunch of sounds that had no meaning to me.

"OUCH!" I screamed as a needle was jabbed into my left arm, I quickly turned to see a nice looking young man in a green jumper withdraw his hand that was holding a syringe.

“He’ll be all right Mum. I think he is just in a bit of a shock. This will let him sleep it off tonight." The tech med said.

My mum smiled and thanked the young man. I felt at peace now and my Mum easily lead me to the Anglia and I got into the rear seat. That was the last thing I remembered that night.

I woke up next morning well rested but confused, like I had a bad dream that was not quite in focus. As I stared out my bedroom window, my mind started to clear and I began to focus on what was really in my heart.

"LUKAS!" I screamed. The events of last evening became crystal clear now. My Lukas. The boy I worshiped and loved from afar was lying somewhere in the city in a hospital alone and helpless. I needed to get to him. I needed to tell him my deepest, darkest secret. He had to know. He had too.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen where my Mum and Da where preparing for their day. Mum was at the range and Da was in his favorite spot with his cuppa and the newsprint. They both turned as I ran into the room. Something I never do that early in the morning. Any morning.

"Taylor. What is with you? Stop the running about and calm yourself" my Da said to me.

"Mum, Da. I have to get the hospital. I have to see Lukas, he needs me." I said between sobs. I was shaking uncontrollably as I stood there, I was just so upset.

"Listen Sprite," (That’s my Mum's pet name for me. God, if Lukas ever found out…LUKAS!)

"Mum, I have to go see him. I have to see if he's all right. Please Mum!" I begged.

"Taylor, you know you’re not family and what does that boy mean to you anyway?" My da asked me with a funny look.

I looked from one to the other with pleading eyes, the tears were falling as if someone left the taps full open. My Mum looked at me strangely but finally relented.

"Understand Sprite, I will drop you off at the hospital on my way to my job, but you are to get right off to school as soon as you find out about your mate. You hear me?" With hands on hips she spoke those words but I only heard half of them. As soon as I heard her say she would take me, I was in my room getting dressed.

I took my book bag but I had no intentions of going to school. Of course I did not tell anyone my plans, but that was another matter that needed tending later. Lukas was my only concern now.

15 minutes later with my bmx in the back of the Rover I was headed into the heart of Ceduna and to Saint Anne's Hospital.

As Mum drove away I locked my bmx in the bike-park and headed indoors for the information desk. I walked over to the desk and asked this grandmotherly type if she had any information on my Lukas. She checked her charts as I looked at her sadly. She asked who I was to Lukas? I told her I was his brother from boarding school and just now got off the public transport and needed to see him. She told me he was still in the emergency area and that I had better hurry up if I wanted to say goodbye.

GOODBYE! I knocked down heaps of people as I exited the main area and rushed to the back of the building. "GOODBYE?" I had to hurry if I wanted to say "Good-bye?” No! Not my Lukas. NO! NO! NO!

I do not remember opening any doors, but as I heard no glass breaking I felt safe. I did not even stop at the desk and rushed through another set of doors. It was a large room with heaps of beds, some screened in, most not. As I was looking around trying to figure out whose was whose, I saw a priest come out of one and I saw Lukas lying there in bed.

I rushed past the priest and up to the hospital bed. I stared at my Lukas. He was pale and looked very small there in the bed. He had wires and tubes running all around and into him, and the one thing I noticed right off. A wet spot on his forehead. It did not look like water, it looked like...oil? Holy oil. My Lukas was given Last Rites. That’s what the priest was doing there. Preparing Lukas for his death.

I lost my mind, right then and there. I climbed up on the bed and I grabbed Lukas's hand. Tears were flowing out of my eyes un-checked, I would not let go of Lukas' hands to bother wiping my eyes clear.

"Lukas! You can not. You can not do this Lukas!" I cried. "You are not going to die. Not now, not never. Do you hear me?"

I felt hands on my shoulders trying to pull me away from the prone and silent body. A silent body that was once a smiling and laughing mate I called my love.

I shrugged off the hands and got real close to Lukas' head and I whispered into his ear, so only he could hear.

"Lukas. I love you dearly mate. I will always now and forever be here for you. I can not live without you so you had better live for me. Please Lukas...for me." With that I leaned closer and kissed him on his cheek.

Finally I was dragged off the bed and turned to face the person. It was Lukas' da with his mum right behind.

"I’m sorry," I said, "but I just had to come." With that said, I turned to face Lukas and placed my hands on the railing as I bent my head in fervent prayer. That day I prayed and made promises to God, promises I fully intended to keep, as long as he granted me my one prayer’s request.