I Am Here

By BlindEagle


Copyright © 2008 by BlindEagle. All rights reserved.

            Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

            Is it possible? I really don’t know. In me is held everything that was and ever will be. Far beyond the galaxies and below the depths of the deepest sea is all within me. What eyes have and haven’t seen all abides in the many rooms I designed. A thought, an understanding, and even the unknown all take up residence in my house.

            As I once was told, the way it was made to be “If you took a grain of sand and made it equal to a thousand years, then counted all the sand grains of the earth then I would know just how old I am.” I never thought to do that, but was there ever a need to? To the left, right, above and beneath all, treasures are displayed for all to see. From whatever can be seen to what cannot, all decorate my walls, floors and roof tops.

Age; does it really know me? I have witnessed all kinds of happiness both great and small, even the anger of every unsatisfied child. Wealth beyond wealth is scattered abroad within me, and every imaginable food to eat relies on me. Some say they can use more of me, yet others swear they can’t live with me and choose to be free. I am made equal for all, and its up to each of you to see that I’m properly used, if not then my odds are against you and in you I will be abused.

            Be wise with what you have, let me be a good friend to you. Birthdays come and birthdays go, some arrive very fast, some very slow. As for me, I yet know of mine. I guess that’s why my name is Time.