Love Survives

A Tribute to Codey

By Bestpi

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  1. Iím sorry I never knew him
  2. I never knew his plight,
  3. If I had Iíd stand beside him
  4. and help him in his fight.
  6. Itís sad the ignorant still loathe him
  7. or what he stood up for,
  8. But look how many loved him
  9. and will forever more.
  11. Heíll live through Codeyís World
  12. and in each readerís heart.
  13. Itíll take more than his leaving
  14. to keep our worlds apart.
  16. Iíll not waste time here weeping
  17. though my eyes still choke for words.
  18. Itís his heart that weíre now keeping
  19. and his song weíll sing in chords.
  21. So rally round his keeping
  22. and whisper words of love
  23. hold out a hand to the seeking
  24. and to the angry a peaceful dove.