School Suite

by Merkin


 Even later

Far down the hall
Jeremy spies Mr. Arthur
too far to call

XXIX.  Trickle

Mr. Arthur moves fast,
comes at his wave;
so do his friends,
faces all grave.
What have you got?
Questions are asked.
Low voiced reports.
Everyone tasked:
Sam must be saved!

What is that door?
Got a strange grate.
Could Sam be there,
waiting his fate?
Is he alive?
Can't be too late!
Where is Coach Rutter?
Oh, what's in store?

XXX.  Mr. Arthur

That office is new,
just built for that man;
it once was a passage
in the old school plan.
It led to a door
which opens to stairs:
they go down below,
where no-one now dares;
where no-one should go.

What's down there?

When I was a kid
and went to this school,
my best bud and I
thought it would be cool –
though we were forbid
with iron-clad rule,
to go down those stairs.
We both were such fools!


Dark tunnels and holes…

The drains for the gym.
The heat for the school.

But water flows in,
collects in deep pools.

Some places so tight
you can't turn around.

You're easily lost
so deep underground!

Raw steam's all you smell –
so hot it will scald.
Don't bother to yell.

That's why it is called,
quite simply,




But.    It's.    Locked.

Why, said Mr. Arthur,
listen to me:
I do believe,
I still have a key...



XXXI.  The Flood

Open it.

Just a minute.
The lock's stuck.

Open it, quick!

Jeremy, I can't turn the key.

Excuse me sir, would you let me?
My dad showed me this,
Wait 'til you see.
You just rub the key
long side your nose,
it'll slide in the lock –
see, there it goes.
Now it will turn,
it's easy, you see.

It's unlocked!



Ohmigod!  Look what's scratched on the back! 


It's dark.
                         It's hot.
It smells.                    
                     It's scary.

But it‘s Sam, says Jeremy.
Let me go sir.

Why you, Jeremy?

I'm small, and I'm quick,
and I'm very careful.

Wait!  What's that sound?

Someone's shouting...

That's not Sam...

That's Rutter, I believe.

Ohmigod, Mr. Arthur!
What should we do?


Where are you, you little shit?
Come out of there!
However did you fit?
I'll grab your hair!


You can't reach me now.
I've climbed up this high,
You'll never get here...


When I reach you, you'll die!

Just you try!


* S P L A S H *






Oh, yes, please...

# # #

[ Rutter?
Rutter fell,
down the vent:
now he's all bent.
Now he‘s in Hell. ]


Much later

XXXII.  The Sun

Oh, Jeremy, how could you be
ever interested in me?

I don't have any nice clothes to wear,
and just look at my hair...


Sam, do you think I care?
I care for you,
not who you'd rather be.
The Sam for me
Is the one I see.

But, we'll both change and grow...                We'll be together, where ever we go...

Even if I want to wear all filmy clothes?                 Those that cling and caress, all silk and hose?

Yes, please, those...

Oh, Sam:

Don't care
What clothes you wear
Which shoes, what style your hair;
Your smile, your glance:  just you so fair,
Suits me.

Oh, Jeremy!


Week Four:  Monday morning, back to school

XXXIII.  Mr. Arthur's Room

Psst!  Paul!
I can still feel eyes on the back of my head!
I know it's not you, and it fills me with dread!
Listen Paul, please, look up and see
Tell me who's staring:  will you do that for me?

Don't even ask, Felix, we both know who
would stare those sharp daggers and hatchets at you;
it's dear Melanie, the jealousy queen!
Her eyes may be blue, but for us they're all green.

And Felix, you know why that is so,
ever since Friday when I asked you to go
out on our date, and she evesdropped our plan
the more we're together, that girl's been our ban.

But Paul, I swear, you must know how I feel
it's you that I want, and she never will steal...

Paul!  Felix!  Enough of your chatter!
Detention tonight: you'll both see me later!
We'll see if the two of you, alone after school
can manage ten extra pages, you fools!

Yes, Mr. Arthur!

Melanie, laughter is completely unnecessary –
unless you'd like to join them?

Why, yes; thank you, Mr. Arthur...

The End



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