School Suite

by Merkin



XXIII.  Staccato

Let Me Out!

Sam shouted

Rutter smiled

XXIV.  Listen

In the dark of night
sounds reach where sight cannot go
who will hear his heart?

XXV.  Static

What was that sound?
It's your phone, Pete!
Who could be calling?
Will it repeat?
There it is – quick!
Check the Caller I.D.
My god, it's Joe's cell:
You gave it to Sam,
I know that tone well!
Remember our plan?
He's texting to us –
Just one word shows...
What does it mean?
Nobody knows.
Another word!
Get down?
Maybe he's warning us…

And the connection is lost.

XXVI.  Jeremy

At least he's alive,
and thinking hard too.
I'm guessing he can't
get more to go through.
He might be tied up,
or else in some pain.
Let's hope we'll all be
together again...

We have to find him!
cried Jeremy,
He means everything,
especially to me!
Joe, Mike, and Pete
looked at his face,
and knew without speaking
of Sam's special place
in Jeremy's heart,
and all three as one
gave him an embrace.

XXVII.  Downpour

The boys see a car pull up to the school.
They fear that poor Sam's encountered a cruel
predator – is this him again in the night?
should they ask for help, or stay out of sight?
"I'll see who it is while you keep your heads down;
if I'm taken away, find Sam on your own!"
Everyone's shocked:  Jeremy's taken the lead –
no questions are asked, for once they've agreed.
He stepped out to meet the driver alone.
His nerves were a mess; he wished to go home.
Who would he see here, arrived like a thief?
But Sam needed him so, to get help and relief...
"Mr. Arthur!" gasped Jeremy, shocked and amazed.
The man dropped his briefcase and spun around, dazed.
"who's that?" he croaked anxiously, peering about,
"Come out!" and he straightened, ready to shout.
"It's me, Jeremy," said the youth and stepped forth.
 "Please help us find Sam, he's kidnapped or worse;
we heard him cry out and he's gone now for sure –
The last we saw him was right by that door!"
"He's gone?  In the school?"  Jeremy explained
all that had happened, with his tension regained.
Would Mr. Arthur believe in his tale?
It sounded so strange; most surely he'd fail...
"Come along, Jeremy, show me your friends!
We have to get moving before this night ends,
or Sam may be harmed, or beaten, or worse!"
said he to Jeremy, as the clouds above burst.

XXVIII.  Torrent

Mr. Arthur takes the lead
unlocks doors, masterkeyed;
throws on lights, hallways gleam
all is empty, freshly clean –
just as though they're in a dream.


They search the gym, hollow and dim,
so they switch the overheads on again.
They look in nooks and crannies and then
training rooms, closets, equipment bins.
At last they arrive at the coaching suite,
personal offices, each one discrete.


Jeremy pauses before throwing a switch:
the bulb in this lamp, still warm to his touch!
This office is Rutter's, he knew it was so;
now where did that bastard take Sam, and go?
On the floor by the desk, a scrap that he knew.
It's the wrapper from gum that Sam likes to chew!


Sam has been here, there is no doubt now.
He'd left them a message; they must read it somehow!
What could those words mean, that 'hell' and then 'down'? 
Jeremy thought hard, and searched with a frown.
This office is small, the closet locked tight.
But it has a vent – that doesn't seem right...


He listens intently – he's there all alone.
What is that strange noise; is it a moan?
He must get the others, he wants to call out,
but the wrong ears might hear Jeremy's shout.
Creep away quietly, ever so slow,
whoever's got Sam just cannot know!




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