School Suite

by Merkin


That night, later

XVIII.  Thunder

Joe, Mike, and Pete thought it a lark;
stuck to their plan, off in the dark.
Jeremy went along only to please,
thinking of Sam and feeling unease.
Sam was so nice, gentle and slight,
he shouldn't be left alone in the night.

A scream:
Dogs hear it, and bark.
Adults hear it, and shrug.
Kids hear it, and cry.
A teen hears it, and knows.

Jeremy paused – was that a cry?
It sounds like Sam's voice; was it a try
to tell them all something – didn't they hear?
Sam's got into trouble, that was his fear.
"Stop everyone, we have to go back:
I think I heard Sam, under attack!"

XIX.  Wind

Did a door just slam, solid and tight?
What's happened to the window's light?
And now the school is dark as night!

XX.  Lightning

They hurry on back
Sam's not to be found
The school is so dark
Not even a sound
He's not where they'd stood
Can't see without light
D'you think that he could
Have gone home in fright?

Something's not right.

What's this on the ground?
Please show it to me.
It's something I've found.
Why, that's Sam's house key!
Where should they go?
Who could they tell?
What do they know?
Things are not well!

(Sam's locked up in hell...)

XXI.  Mr. Arthur

Why can't I ever see
what to bring home with me?
I'm nothing but a fool.
I left it at the school.

I left it at the school
It must be on my desk,
I've written out that test –
I must go back and see.

I must go back and see,
I'm glad I have a key.
I've left things at the school,
I'm nothing but a fool.

(Will he see?
He's got the key…)

XXII.  Storm

Rutter's got Sam locked up tight,
Rutter's got a plan to wait out the night.
Rutter's got the weekend at his disposal;
Rutter's got the patience to block Sam's refusal.

Sam's got the courage to wait long, too.
Sam's got the nerve to think things through.
Sam's got faith that his friends will look.
Sam's a tough kid whose cover hides a book

of lessons learned about determination,
from years of bullies' ministrations;
soft on the outside, tough to the core,
resolved to give Rutter an all-out war…

Of course, Rutter likes them to resist.




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