School Suite

by Merkin


Week Three

XI.  Mr. Arthur's Room

My bitter memories
drip poison onto hope,
and shrink what might still be
to thoughts of what once was.

Don't go there.
Don't go there.

Clenched muscles in my chest
rub raw my aching heart;
my breath blows in despair
and heaves with smothered pain.

Don't go there.
Don't go there.

This classroom now my world,
the blackboard my horizon;
today my only life,
no future since he's gone.

Don't go there.

Everyone, stop talking please!

Pull yourself together.

Take out your Workbooks now.

How could they understand?

Turn to Exercise Thirty, class.


Fritz, turn around.  Pay attention.

Yes, Mr. Arthur.

Paul, do I have to move your seat?

No, Mr. Arthur.

Jeremy, please go to the board
and diagram the first sentence.

Aww, Mr. Arthur.


Yes, Mr. Arthur.

XII.  Melanie

There's Paul.  He's so cute.
Why does he keep looking at Fritz?
Why doesn't he ever look at me?

Paul, you're mine:
I've had you on my mind
When you were eleven
I knew it would be heaven
In Grade Seven.

Paul, I'm yours:
I won you in the wars
When all the girls stayed late
To fight over your fate
In Grade Eight.

Paul, we're a pair:
I've wanted to do your hair
And fix that shine
And make you mine
Since Grade Nine.

There's the bell.
I'd better follow him.

XIII.  Jeremy

I can do this.
First period, English.
Called to the board
To diagram sentences,
But the black-haired boy
And gave me his blue-eyed look:
What am I gonna do?

I can do this.
Third period, P.E.
I love basketball
Shirts versus Skins,
But the blond-haired boy
And landed right in my arms:
What am I gonna do?

I can do this.
Time for lunch.
Cafeteria line
Tray to the table,
But the red-haired boy
And spilled milk onto my lap:
What am I gonna do?

I can do this.
Study hall.
Got a pass
To take a piss,
But the brown-haired boy
And looked right straight at me:
What am I gonna do?

I thought I could do this.
Go to my locker.
Sort my books.
Gotta catch my bus
Tonight’s the game
With all four friends:
What am I gonna do?




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