School Suite

by Merkin


Week Two:  Felix  & Paul

VII.  Felix:  Perception

I can feel it.
He's staring again.

At me.

Is it a zit?
Is it my hair?
Is it my shirt?

My shoulder blades are itching.

I won't turn around.
I won't turn around.

Maybe my shirt is on backward.


Maybe my hair is messed up.


Maybe someone wrote on my back.

Oh my god.
Is something there?


I can feel it.
I know who.


He's cute.
Don't think it.
Don't think it.

He's cute.

Oh, my, god:

I looked.

It's him.

VIII.  Paul:  Confirmation

He looked.
Oh, my, god.

IX.  Class Change

I'm Paul.
I know.
I'm Felix.

I know.

X.  Longing

I want to know what you want                    I want to know what you want
Mostly I want you to want                    Mostly I want you to want
Me as much as I want                    Me as much as I want
Someone                    Someone
Anyone                    Anyone
Maybe you                    Maybe you.



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