School Suite

by Merkin


Week One:  Paul

I.  Crush

In the blink of an eye
I scan your face,
So that I can dwell
On the memory at will.
I dare not stare
Or with sight, embrace;
My only hope,
Brief glimpses of you.

II.  Test

Passing in the hall
I lean and brush his shoulder:
Can he feel the heat?

III.  English Class

Can I get to the doorway
in time?
Should I sit down before he
comes in?
Will he see if I look where
he sits?
Will anyone notice me
Will he leave before I can
get up?
Do I dare to walk fast
past his desk?

IV.  Encounter

Startled, shies away,
surrounded by all his friends;
he looks back at me!

V.  Math Class

My stare burns a hole
In the back of his head.
My stare burns a hole
In the back of his head.
Sorry, sir. 
Could you please
Repeat the question?

VI.  Hope

Through lowered lashes
over cheeks and lips so soft,
he returns my glance




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