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Another Letter to My Son

By Graeme

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Dear Foster,

Well, I have to say youíve done it this time. Iíve never seen your mother and sister so excited. The news is a wonderful early Christmas present, but can you really afford to fly us all to Canada in January?

I couldnít work out from the invitation you sent us whose wedding it is that weíre going to. I think itís great that the two of you are going all that way to be there on their special day, and inviting your family along as well is just unbelievable. Whoever it is must be a really good friend, but surely you couldíve put their name on the invitation instead of just yours and Steveís? I suppose itís not someone I know, but weíll need to know their name for when we write on the card.

I have to admit that my first reaction was to turn down the invitation as I sincerely doubt my back would allow me to get to Melbourne, let alone on a flight all the way to Canada. But as soon as I started mentioning it to your mother, she fixed me with that eye of hers and told me sheíd get me an appointment with the doc to make sure I could go. She told me in no uncertain terms that there was no way I wasnít going. I think sheís just so excited about travelling overseas that she isnít letting anything get in her way. Sheís never been further than New Zealand, and that was more than twenty years ago, before I did my back.

Anyway, the next day she bundled me off to see Doc. Kennedy. I told him that I didnít think I was up to the trip, but he told me heíd work out a way, even if I had to be do it in a drugged stupor. Your mother must have been in one of her dotty moods when she made the appointment, because the doc then made a comment about not letting me miss my only sonís wedding! I had to correct him and say it wasnít your wedding. After all, you donít even have a girlfriend yet. He just smiled at me and told me not to worry, heíll make sure I get there.

I must say itíll be good to see you and Steve again for Christmas. Itís been a long time. Iím sorry you wonít be staying here, but thatís your motherís fault. I wanted to get your old room cleaned out and your bed set up, but she told me youíll be staying with Steve at his parentís house. She made a comment about your bed not being big enough, but I canít believe youíve grown that much since you were last here.

I should warn you, though, that sheís going to try to grab a lot of your time while youíre here. She made a comment about a lot of planning to be done and not much time to do it in. Why she needs you to help her plan the trip, I donít understand. When I told her that Iím sure youíll have other things to do, she just stared at me like I was stupid or something. Iíll do what I can to keep her off your back. Iíve heard the guys at the footy club are planning some sort of party for you and Steve, so donít let your mother take up too much of your time. If you need me to distract her that night, just let me know. I thought I could take her out to the bowling club for dinner so you boys can go out. Russo from the footy club told me heís being looking forward to giving you two this party for a long time. I was surprised when he said that, but then I realised it has been quite a few years since you two were both in town at the same time.

When you get here, youíre going to have to clarify something for me. Iím sure, when we spoke on the phone after we got the invitation, that you said that Steve was going to be the best man at the wedding. However, last night your mother invited Steveís parents over for dinner and they said Steve said you were going to be the best man. Itís not a big deal, but I think you need to tell me who exactly is going to be the best man. I know Steveís parents are going too, and I would hate for their trip to be ruined because theyíd misunderstood who was going to be in the wedding party.

The other thing Iím concerned about is all the presents that have started to arrive from the folk in town. I donít know how they learnt about it, or why theyíre sending presents for a couple they canít know, but we already have a small table with several gifts addressed to yourself and Steve. Iím sure theyíve addressed them that way so you can take them with you to your friendís wedding, but Iím afraid there is going to be too many to take to Canada. Iíve rung up a couple of transport companies and if we send them by sea, theyíll get there too late. Your motherís said youíll look after it and itíll be okay, but I donít think thatís fair. Youíre already picking up the costs of flying us all overseas. Paying for shipping other peopleís presents as well is just not right.

Oh, well. Itís not long until weíll see you and you can sort all of this out. I still think youíre being overly generous, but when I see your mother and sister and how excited they are about going overseas I canít help feeling proud of you. Your generosity has made them two of the happiest people in the world.

Your motherís gone dotty again. Sheís just told me to tell you to give Steve a big kiss from her. Thank him for me, but save the kiss for the girl getting married.

See you soon.



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