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A Letter to My Son

By Graeme

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Dear Foster,

Congratulations son, on your promotion! Iíve always considered the cops to be a dour lot, but with you as the new head of the Gay Liaison Unit of the Victoria Police, Iím sure they'll be happy again in no time. You wouldíve thought theyíd come up with a better sounding name, but what can you expect from bureaucrats?

Now that you have moved up another rung in the police hierarchy, perhaps you could use your increased income to consider moving? I understand that when you moved down to Melbourne, finances were tight and you had to share a one-bedroom apartment with your mate Steve, but after five years maybe itís time to find a two-bedroom place? Iíd never suggest you leave him behind, but I think if each of you has your own bedroom, it will help both of you find girls. It must be putting a real cramp on your social life with the fairer sex, having to share a bed with your best friend, even if it is a king-sized bed.

Your mother asked me the other day if I ever wondered about how much time you spend with Steve, but I told her not to worry. She doesnít understand the importance of male bonding. I still keep in touch with my mates from my youth and I think the rapport youíve developed with Steve is great. It reminds me of Ken and Joe, who still share a house after all these years. A pair of confirmed bachelors, they really look after each other. At times my friends and I kid those two that they are like an old married couple. While I donít expect you two to turn out the same, I can sense the same strong mateship between you and Steve that Ken and Joe share.

As for your concern, I donít see a problem with you using your new position to feed some work to Steveís company. Itís only computer maintenance, after all. It would be different if you were doing favours for a girlfriend or a family member, but helping a mate is always okay. Thatís what mates are for. Donít worry about the ethics, itíll be fine.

I think itís fantastic that you and Steve have started taking dancing lessons. I used to do Latin American dancing, too, when I was younger, and itís a lot of fun. Of course, in those days there were usually more girls in the class than boys, and some of the girls had to dance together. With the advances in gender equality in these modern times, I supposed it is only fair that you and Steve have to dance together since there arenít that many girls in your class. As for those girls who want to dance together, donít worry. Theyíre probably just shy. Once they get to know you, I have no doubt you and Steve will be able to charm them into being your dance partners. Until them, if you have dance with another guy, a good mate like Steve is the best option.

Now, I have to say that Iím a little disappointed that you decided not to go to the Hookers and Deviants Ball like I suggested. From what Iíve heard itís a great night out and a good way to meet some girls. However, youíre still young. I didnít marry your mother until I was almost thirty so youíve got plenty of time. You may not have met the right girl for you yet, but Iím sure that one day youíll wake up and find yourself in love with someone. You may be surprised Ė it could be the most unexpected person!

Your sister said to say hi and to give Steve a big kiss and hug from her. I donít expect you to do that literally, of course, but Steve certainly made an impression on her last week while she stayed with you. It was very kind of you to look after her while she was visiting, and take her out with you and your friends. She said that sheíd never met so many good-looking guys in her life, and itís sad that none of them were available. I hadnít realised that all your friends were spoken for. The way she gushes about Steve, though, heíd better watch out. She says heís one of the sexiest guys she knows!

Itís sad that my bad back prevents me from making the trip down to Melbourne and your busy work as a policeman stops you from coming back home very often. Just thinking about it, I donít think Iíve seen you and Steve together since you headed off, five years ago. I can still remember that day well, with the happy smiles and the arms around each otherís shoulders. Your mother joked at the time that you made a cute couple! Donít worry, I explained to tell her that you were just good mates and jokes like that were inappropriate.

Thatís about all for now. Your mother says to pass on her love to you and Steve. At times I think she considers him to be another son.



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The author copyrights this story and retains all rights. This work may not be duplicated in any form Ė† physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise Ė without the author's expressed permission. All applicable copyright laws apply.

Disclaimer: All individuals depicted are fictional, and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

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