partially open, rumpled garage door, showing a man’s lower legs while sweeping

Doors of Love

By DesDownUnder

Copyright © 2008 By DesDownUnder. All Rights Reserved.

Set 1

  • Complete
  1. The Garage Door
  2. Footing the Phone Bill
  3. A New Tenant
  1. The Elevator Doors
  2. A Beautiful Morning
  3. Behind the Elevator Doors
  4. And the Garden Is a Mess

Prequel Shorts

  • NEW
  1. Driving Me Crazy
  • Watch for further adventures.

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Many of you will be familiar with these first two chapters as entries from my blog at AwesomeDude.

For those of you who have not met the boys, the first entry is based on a factual incident with a few descriptive embellishments, but it did actually happen.

To protect the innocent and naïve, all names are fictitious, and I have no idea if the boys are still living. For all intents and purposes, these characters are fictitious and do not represent anyone I actually know.