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The Face of Shadow

Written by Codey

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Reading by Ben W. Blue

Copyright © 2008 by Codeyspen.
All rights reserved.

  1. In early pre-dawn hours,
  2. when awakened in a fright,
  3. by Shadow’s silent sounds,
  4. rustling in the night,
  5. there’s nothing there to fear
  6. nor anything to excite.
  7. It’s merely faceless Shadow,
  8. searching for the light.
  10. Softly, silently, swiftly,
  11. Shadow, nearly consumed by dark,
  12. searches through the nothingness,
  13. for the glimmer of a spark.
  14. Born the child of opposites,
  15. and searching for his place,
  16. accepted by neither parent,
  17. named by both a disgrace.
  19. Hidden in shame by parent dark
  20. and ignored by parent light,
  21. having no home in either world,
  22. and sorrowed by his plight,
  23. Shadow, seeking only acceptance
  24. and a place where he can belong,
  25. wanders through both worlds
  26. lost among the throng.
  28. Claimed by some to not exist
  29. and by others to be a fraud,
  30. labeled by many only confused
  31. but most agree he is flawed.
  32. Few realize he controls their destiny.
  33. In his hands he holds their fate.
  34. Still they loudly denounce him;
  35. is it envy or is it hate?
  37. Trapped between two equals
  38. and wounded in their fights,
  39. taking arrows from each,
  40. as they fight to protect their rights.
  41. Shadow hides among the masses,
  42. in numbers not explored,
  43. biding time and watching
  44. those by whom he’s abhorred.
  46. Shadow will someday realize,
  47. equal does not make a majority.
  48. Equal can just as easily be
  49. defined as a minority.
  50. Those fighting for their rights,
  51. should step back and thinkingly pause,
  52. be careful of who you call names,
  53. or Shadow might show his claws.
Shadowy Figure