By Codey


When Brian came out, his world turned upside down, and he was in Freefall. Who will reach out to him? His parents? His brother? His friends? Himself?

  Freefall by Codey ~ Cover Illustration by Blue / Ben W.

Freefall Contest

In 2007 Codey proposed an interesting project for the other authors here at Codey's World. He would write the beginning of a short story, The Best of Friends, providing the setting and the characters, and the authors would (if they wanted) each write the end of the story. Codey loved this concept, and planned to do it again in the future. Unfortunately, he was never able to complete that future project.

Codey originally planned to write four more chapters to complete his novel Freefall. Again, unfortunately, he was never able to complete the novel.

So we've decided to have the kind of contest that Codey planned, this time to invite and encourage both authors at Codey's World and AwesomeDude, and those new to writing but would like to give it a try, to write a closing chapter for Freefall.

If you're interested, read Freefall if you haven't done so, read our submission guidlines; You'll find instructions for writing and submitting your chapter in the guidelines. You can find out about the characters in Freefall by going here.

Please let us know if you're going to submit a chapter by sending an email to And if you have questions, let us know!

Colin Kelly, Codey's World Webmaster