The Great

(So Seuss Me)

By Bestpi


  1. Today I'll go hunting, with Jimmy and Dee.
  2. With the two of them looking, and me now makes three.
  4. We're hunting for Throupadores, they're featherless and free.
  5. They're usually found strutting, way down by the sea.
  7. They're said to be vicious and mean to the bone.
  8. And come in all colors red, green and some roan!
  10. We'll sneak up and net one, and bring him back too.
  11. Then everyone can see him, right here in our zoo.
  13. So Jimmy you sneak, around the great knoll,
  14. And Dee you can stand there and cover his hole.
  16. As for me, I will chase him up over the crest,
  17. then run him back down, I will give it my best.
  19. So Jimmy get ready, and Dee just stand fast,
  20. then one of you net him, as he comes running past.
  22. To the top I went creeping, I stayed nice and quiet.
  23. Expecting when caught, to cause quite a riot.
  25. Surprised when I got there, at what I did find.
  26. Not one colored Throupadore, instead there were nine!
  28. A green one, a pink one, and blue ones, I saw two,
  29. A red one, a chocolate, then a gold one ran through.
  31. And then went a brown one, then a purple one too.
  32. They would all look quite lovely, at home in our zoo.
  34. They screeched when they saw me, and then they gave chase.
  35. They were gaining upon me, so I hastened my pace.
  37. I hope Jimmy's ready, I hope Dee's ready too.
  38. More space may be needed, at home in the zoo.
  40. "Here I come, ready Jimmy?" "Here I come, ready Dee?"
  41. "We're all coming quickly, from around the next tree!"
  43. "Gotcha!" netted Jimmy, then, "Gotcha" netted Dee.
  44. But the Throupadore they netted, turned out to be me.
  46. The Throupadores ran off, way deep in the trees
  47. And I simply stood there, in nets to the knees.
  49. Then I started to giggle and snicker and gafoo.
  50. Then Jimmy and Dee, they started laughing too!
  52. We don't mean to be rude, in our laughing at you.
  53. But you just look so silly, in netting for two.
  55. Then all at once there was laughing, times three,
  56. then still much more laughing, from over near the trees.
  58. The Throupadores came back, and were all laughing too!
  59. You silly old hunters we'll come to your zoo!
  61. So Throupadores a plenty, in colors we knew.
  62. And even some new ones of every colored hue.
  64. It was quite a parade when we went back to town.
  65. And everyone was happy, There wasn't one frown.