Michael is a typical teenager living in an Australian country town. He has a loving family and cool friends, and is doing well at school. Then he suffers a major trauma.

Black Dog is the story of one boy's journey inwards in the aftermath of this life-changing event.

Caution: PG. This story deals with recovery from abuse and depression. We choose to face these things together, instead of hiding or running or turning away.

Short Stories

It started out as Thomas's worst day ever. Then a stranger brought startling news.

The Worst Day was written to celebrate AwesomeDude's tenth anniversary.

Alex was born profoundly deaf. His childhood was spent in a silent world with few friends. His father retires and the family moves to a lighthouse near a small country town. The first day of the summer holidays brings a new friend... and a new life for Alex.


These poems are a little serious, but each is an expression of "me" at a particular point. They reflect varied times, places, circumstances, and people — and states ranging from depression to joy.

Each occupies its own niche in my life, but some of them express thoughts, opinions or feelings which are no longer relevant… except that they show me how I've changed.

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Although Australian English is largely identical to British English, our language is rich with unique metaphors and idiomatic expressions...

So, I've prepared this glossary. As well as "Aussieisms" it includes other terms that might need explanation.